Friday, July 13, 2012

Hi There

So, wow. I can't even begin to catch you up on where we've been and what we've done.


We bought a house. A project house. A BIG project house.

So follow us at sixtwelvesixteenth for a little while to follow along with what we are up to.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Boy oh boy did life get away from me.

I just got an email from the Bump telling me that my baby is 46 weeks old. So, yea, there's that. Don't even get me started on how I feel about it.

This morning I am finishing up some work, thinking about our 48 hour day and the road trip we are undertaking this evening and listening to the music on my iPhone on shuffle.

So far this morning...

1. Mumford & Sons : The Cave
2. Girl Talk: Get it Get it
3. Straight No Chaser: Jingle Bell Rock
4. Death Cab for Cutie: A Lack of Color
5. Raffi: Baby Beluga (yea, you read that right...)
6. Ben Folds: You Don't Know Me
7. Worship Tracks: Days of Elijah
8. Jack Johnson Curious George Album: We are going to be friends

I suppose a shuffled playlist is one of the most telling things about a person. I mean, Ben Folds, Death Cab, worship tracks, a little bit of Girl Talk, Raffi and Disney all wrapped up into one really does explain me in a nutshell.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

apologies but not really ready to be back yet

I'm so sorry blogland for my lack of attention to you lately.

See, things have been sort of crazy around here. Well, insanely crazy actually and we're all just trying to get to where we need to be.

Our house is on the market and we're hoping to buy a friend's house that had to move to Stillwater, OK for a new job.

It has been a whirlwind but the house hasn't sold yet which is hard for Paul and I. The more showings you have, the more excited you get and then when nothing comes through, it's sort of a blow in the stomach. Over and over again. And considering the number of showings we've had and the extremely positive feedback the viewers give, we're shocked that we're still sitting on 20th street.

I've been putting off writing about it because if it doesn't happen, I refuse to be that girl that got too excited and jumped the gun and then has to go back and renig her entire post.

I'm excited and nervous and hopeful but I'm wearing thin and waiting for the right buyer is starting to take it out of me.

Everything else in our lives has been just as crazy, so as soon as we settle down, get some clarity, I should be back. Hopefully with lots of re-model projects. They keep me excited!

Friday, July 15, 2011

When I first imagined staying home with Addison each Friday of the week, I pictured elaborate days filled with learning and trips and shopping. 

I've been back at work for two and a half months and my Friday's aren't quite elaborate.

In fact, their quite ordinary. But wonderfully ordinary.

This morning, Paul let me sleep in while he gave Addison her 6 am bottle. Then she sat with me on our bed and played while I ate breakfast in bed. (What a husband, right?!) We played and watched The Cat in the Hat for awhile in my bed when she started to get ready for a morning nap. I laid her flat and laid down next to her and the next thing we both knew we we're out. We both took a long morning nap and woke up happy and content. She giggled as I changed her diaper and prepared her bottle and as she ate we watched some classic Sesame Street. She has been playing in her room ever since she finished eating while watching me pack her things and my things for the weekend trip to see my parents. 

It's been a wonderful morning.

Plus it's too hot for the zoo. Right?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

4th of July

For the fourth of July this year, we went to see Paul's family in Michigan. We loaded missy up in the car and were off for a 15 hour drive. We spent 4-1/2 days with family, eating, sitting on the lake and boating and loved every minute of it.

 Addison's 1st time on a boat.

 Meeting her great-grandma for the first time.

Isabelle and the cousins (Addi & Ava) with Diane.

 Addison with her grandma Diane.

 The living room was practically a toy war zone. Between two toddlers and Addison, it was wrecked.

 Cousins with their great grandma.

 Lake Macatawa. We sat in the backyard overlooking the lake, eating smores and watching fireworks that people were setting off from their docks.

Paul and I ended our trip in St. Louis on the 4th of July. We watched the largest and loudest fireworks we had ever seen from our hotel room, sipping on some leftover Coke Zero cans from the trip while Addison slept soundly on the king sized bed. Quite possibly the best 4th of July ever.

Friday, July 8, 2011

a typical conversation with my mother

Last night I spent half an hour on the phone with my mom:

Mom:    So I took this woman shopping for an outfit to wear at her daughter's wedding. She wanted to go to the Sonshine House to find something (a free clothing place sponsered by the local churches) but that would be a lot of work to find her something so I told her I'd take her to the thrift store and get her an outfit. So I took her to the thrift store and got her a couple of outfits and got myself some outfits.

Me:       Mommmm....

Mom:    I know! But I found this really cute dress. It was so cute I wore it back to the office. I literally bought it, changed in the dressing room and went back to work. Nancy laughed and said, "Seriously, Connie!? It is really cute though."

Me:      Well I don't blame her. You took another woman shopping at a thrift store and then came back in a different outfit.

Mom:   Well later John came in the room and sort of looked surprised and said, "You weren't wearing that this morning were you?!" Which is funny because the dress isn't really normal for me. You know it's tie-dyed and all.

Me:       I'm sorry, did you say tie-dyed?'

Mom:    Yea, and it's a short (did my mom buy a tie-dyed romper?!)...a mini-skirt (please tell me you did not just say mini-skirt), well it's not a mini-skirt, it's just a shorter dress. Like to my knees (oh heavens mom, a dress to your knees is not a mini anything). AND, it's belted!

Me:       This just keeps getting worse.

Mom:    No! It's way cute! I'll send you a picture.

Me:       Well you probably should. The image I have in my head does not sound cute.

Mom:    And what's better is it matches my suede purple heels that I got at the St. Paul Thrift Store.

Me:       Stop.

This is what I was invisioning and please tell me you would not tell your mother to stop talking too if this is what you thought she bought at a thrift store to wear to work and church. Turns out, she did send me a photo, and the dress looks nothing like this. Thank heavens. It's more of a tribal print dress, not tie-dyed. Again, thank heavens.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


 "Hey Dad, what's that stuff over there?!"

"This isn't too bad."

She liked the grass, at least a lot more than her cousin Ava used to!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Today I only got to spend part of the day with Addi. An impromptu meeting at Tinker Air Force Base with some picky airmen required my time including time to get a military contractor badge. So Addi spent some time at St. Luke's while I tried to keep the air force from asking for her in exchange for a badge.

But after I received my badge, had my meeting and spent an hour walking around an airplane hanger we got to spend a few hours together before Paul came home.

She got a bottle and then we played in the living room and relaxed on the couch together while the painters finished their work.

There is nothing sweeter to me than when she holds me with her hands. She likes to hold our fingers when we give her a bottle, she likes to hold our necks and just recently, she has discovered holding (or more appropriately, tugging) on my hair. Painful, but sweet.

Exterior Reno Update

Day One (Monday, June 20, 2011)
Power washing, sanding, caulking and misc. prep work
(A.K.A. our bungalow at it's worst)

Day Two (Tuesday, June 21, 2011)
Priming trouble spots, painting body/siding (Sherwin Williams Wheatgrass)

Day Three (Wednesday, June 22, 2011)
Painting eves, trim, columns (Sherwin Williams Egret White)

Day Four (Thursday, July 23, 2011)
Painting porch, brick, chimneys (Sherwin Williams Manor House)

Day Five (Friday, June 24, 2011)
Second coat of paint on trim, painting back porch, miscellaneous touch ups, painting garage doors/trim, and prepping, priming and painting the front door.

(That's our painter Luis. He has helpers, lots of them actually, but if you need some work done in Oklahoma City, this is the guy to call).

And excuse the WonderBug activity center. I promised myself I wouldn't be that parent that posts photos of their kids or other things on Facebook/Blogs where there's just kid stuff everywhere in the background. But alas, I was too lazy to move the thing any further than I needed to. 

When that front door gets painted, this house is going to be amazing.

Big reveal next week!

12 months of Addison

When it came time to send out Addison's birth announcements, I took to Etsy to find something that fit our personality a little bit better than the announcements from Shutterfly, Tiny Prints and Bella Baby did. Not that those announcements aren't sweet, they're just not our style. I wanted everything about this to say, "yep, that's Paul and Christa," when the receipient opened the envelope.

While perusing Etsy, I found Oodles of Color and fell in love with this birth announcement. It may not say to everyone else what I was hoping, but I loved every bit of it. It was graphic but personal. Clean but unique. I no longer cared if it spoke to anyone else, it spoke to me. And it matched her baby book (you know, the important things in life).

Paul and I took her picture in our office using a rigged up photo booth/screen. It involved dining room chairs, a coffee table, towels, a white bolt of leftover fabric and a tripod. We we're shooting so many photos and so quickly, we basically recorded an entire 30 minutes of Addison's life including a spit up, a wipe down, rotations and positioning. They're hilarious to look at like a flip book. In the hundreds of photos we snapped, we narrowed it down to our favorite one (amazingly) and sent it off to Michelle at Oodles of Color to do her magic.

She cleaned up our photo, changed it to black and white and added her text. This was the final result:

I loved it so much, that I got a wild idea to do a 12 month series just like it. I had been toying with the idea of weekly or monthly photos for awhile and was sure that I'd miss a week/month and be totally bummed. But purchasing an image in a series every month would keep me accountable to finish. I wouldn't want to pay X amount of dollars for the first 7 months and then bail on the rest because the first months would have been a waste of money. It would keep me taking photos and journaling what she did month by month, better than I could probably keep up her baby book. So I contacted Michelle and she agreed to do the entire series for me (and at a discounted rate)!

We're only four months in but every time I get my proofs or final images from Michelle, I am enamored with the photos and could stare at them for hours on end. It makes the janky little photo booth we set up once a month and Addison's displeasure for being overstimulated incredibly worth it.

After I purchased the first two months I started having a small amount of guilt for not using a designer in OKC since Paul and I are all about supporting local businesses, restaurants and artists. But I didn't want anything else and I definitely didn't want someone knocking off her work. Working via email/long distance hasn't been a problem at all and even though I know a lot of local OKC graphic designers, if another project comes up, I can't say I wouldn't use her.

Check Michelle Hyster out.
And buy something from her Etsy store.

And just for kicks and giggles, here's a behind the scenes photo:

I'll post after our next shoot on how we set up the room and then a before and after. It's amazing what the power of computer editing does for photos.